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Committi is a community where borrowers and lenders help each other reach their personal financial goals. We promote a borrowing and investing strategy that is different from typical peer-to-peer lending programs. Borrowers and Investors decide on an interest rate and they get the funds through a monthly auction  without dealing with the hurdles and red tape.

Planning a celebration dinner for a family member, paying for an emergency vehicle repair, or investing in a money-making venture requires funds that an individual may not have on hand. When you need money for special projects or emergencies, borrowing from a financial institution is not always practical.

Bank loans require a healthy credit history and can take a while to process. Payday loans and credit cards can lead to a borrower racking up more debt because of high interest rates. Investing in stock carries risks, and bank savings accounts earn minimal interest. If you are looking for a smarter and simpler way to borrow and invest, you will be excited about Committi's innovative approach.

Committi promises a safe, hassle-free way to borrow and invest. That promise is backed by Committi's compliance with Federal and Provincial regulations. You can trust Committi to protect your investment and provide easy access to funds when you need them.

                                                                                                                 Committi...........Smart Borrowings Great Investment!

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